The coolest way to receive Monero payments

Hard to remember 95 characters long addresses, isn't it? Gladly, OpenAlias standard makes it possible to use cool addresses to receive payments.

Disclaimer: This service has nothing to do with sweet lady Monerochan.


How it works?

Our website utilizes OpenAlias standard, which is supported by most Monero wallet apps. After setup, your alias will be ready to use as recipient address in supported wallet apps. You can receive payment from your clients without the need to send long wallet addresses. Enter monerochan@xmr.ist in your favorite Monero wallet to see the magic yourself!

Other features

While the main purpose of the service is providing alias for Monero wallet addresses, there are some other features for alias owners!

  • Subdomain management: When you purchase monerochan@xmr.ist alias, you also get management of monerochan.xmr.ist subdomain. You can redirect it to your website. (more options are planned for subdomains)
  • Service discounts: We are planning to partner with other Monero-friendly services, alias owners will get access discount for various services.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The price varies depending on length of alias, lowest price is 0.05 XMR.

Is it one time payment?

Yes, after one payment your alias will work as long as the site is active.

Can I change my wallet address?

It's possible to change the wallet address linked to your alias.

Is this service automated?

Yes, your alias will be activated automatically after payment.

Is DNSSEC enabled?

Yes, DNSSEC is enabled and working on xmr.ist domain.

Is it an actual email address?

Not yet, but we are working on a feature to list emails received.

What info do I need to give?

Only thing we need is the wallet address. We do not ask for any other info.

How to access tools?

A unique dashboard link will be generated for you, you need to save this URL to access later.

How to contact you?

You can send an email to xmrist@tuta.com address to get help or share your suggestions.

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